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Suggestions for New Scentsy Consultant

You're here to learn how to maximize the value of your Scentsy UK business. These 20 suggestions will help you make the most out of your Scentsy company. The Scentsy product line is perfect for those who are looking for fire-proof and safe alternatives to candles. Scentsy is rapidly becoming one of the most loved candle companies around the world.

Scentsy UK

Featuring a unique Wickless Candle System that utilizes the low-heat component to slowly melt specially formulated wax that is fragranced with pure essential oils, Scentsy candles are more secure and more efficient as compared to traditional candles. Because there's no soot, flame, or smoke, they're also safer for the environment in which you live. Before you are able to sell Scentsy products, it's important to take time to study these products.

Scentsy products are safer than traditional candles as there's no smoke, flame, or soot. You can earn commissions as an Scentsy Consultant through selling the products or hosting parties at your home. You can also earn rewards and prizes. Quality products from Scentsy come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Scentsy products are backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so your customers are happy. Scentsy consultants can earn free products.

Workshops and events are great ways to get people excited about Scentsy UK products. They will be able to feel and smell the products and be in a position to ask questions. Local festivals and fairs are a great way to get your business out there. Be sure to put up a booth and distribute flyers to inform people about your company.

Scentsy Starter Kit

Don't forget to offer an avenue for potential customers to contact you or know more about the Scentsy program. Social media can be an effective marketing tool. It is a great way to bring your message to a larger audience, build connections with your customers and aid in connecting with them. Be sure to have social media accounts set up for your company Scentsy across all the major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then, start sharing engaging content that promotes your Scentsy products and your business. Direct selling is a fantastic way to reach potential customers who might not know about your brand.

With their charitable giving program, Scentsy consultants have the chance to support causes that are important to them. Since their inception, they've contributed over $32 million to causes such as Make-A-Wish(r) as well as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital(r) and Susan G. Komen. They'd like to have your assistance in becoming an Scentsy consultant to make a difference in people's lives. Visit their website to learn more, and sign up today.